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nice to meet you,

I'm Saahie, an artist based in London.


I illustrate to tell stories. There are so many in the world around us and I want to capture them by creating art.


The magic and wonder we find in the small, quiet moments of life and the curiosity we hold for the invisible things we do not quite understand are at the heart of what I create.


Art is my favourite thing to do, but when I'm not creating I love learning new things, studying Japanese and obsessing over books, music, movies and video games.

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my story

Bringing characters and worlds to life has fascinated me ever since I can remember. Now I work as a 2D Artist and Character Designer in the games industry which is still crazy to me. I'm so grateful that my days and evenings are filled with creating the ideas I have in my head.

One of my never ending curiosities is around creativity. Humans seem to perpetually get inspired and start to imagine. I believe we should be interested in why we are natural born creators and what it is we want to say. My passion is to encourage others on their creative journey to never stop nurturing their ideas. I have spoken at numerous Adobe events to share how important creativity can be for us all. 

The human spark we all have inside us is fascinating to me and I hope my work will ignite your flame to burn even brighter. 


Let's go on a creative journey together!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and collaborations. Let's connect!

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