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character design

recent projects imagining characters and concepts for distant worlds.



Like the sun and the night sky, Marigold and Peregrine are very different, but one cannot exist without the other. There is beauty in both bright sunlight and darkness, and this story explores the balance between the two. It's about finding your sunlight when it gets lost.


In an old legend, the deity of water and music Benzaiten protects Enoshima Island's villagers from Gozuryuu, the local five-headed dragon who terrorises them. In some versions their final battle ends in violence, in others... marriage.


Though they contrast one another, they share a snake-like quality, both creatures of the water, both somewhat out of touch with human society.


At Escape Studios, I was given a brief to design the fun-loving, youthful but regal Tiger Lily from Peter Pan for 2D animation. Undertaking thorough research into Native American culture, art and fashion, I tried to produce a modern take on her character, and express the daughter of the chief's childish joy and level-headedness.

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